A picturesque retreat located in the cradle of nature, Dandeli is endowed with natural beauty and rich wildlife. Deep valleys and hilly terrains adorned with a dense cover of tall deciduous forests make up this coastal town, which is situated along the banks of the mighty Kali river in Karnataka. At the same time, this tranquil sojourn is also the ideal hub for an adventure seeker; for it offers a bouquet of outdoor activities. Situated in the outskirts of Dandeli, Starling River Resort is the ideal retreat for all those seeking some moments of tranquility amidst scenic natural views or for all those seeking to satiate their quest for adventure. Inspired by the pristine beauty of the surrounding landscape, our hotel is bedecked by location-inspired architecture and welcomes guests to a world of unprecedented luxury. With the drive to revive the spirit of our guests and to leave them feeling fresh as dew, our resort features well-appointed rooms, suites, and cottages. Each of these rooms offers features like access to Wi-Fi, central air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and a balcony with a river view. Tents are available too for all those who wish to get up close and personal with nature. Starling River Resort also features a well-furnished dining hall with an attached bar. The pleasant background of the river is a refreshing break from the monotony of the city. In addition, we’ve also arranged for a number of exciting activities for guests to unwind. Some of these include bird watching, zip line, canyoning, and rappelling. And we’ve also orchestrated special packages for couples.

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